Who’s paying tax? Latest data…

We’ve just updated the database of major taxpayers to reflect the latest data from the ATO. So now you can see who’s paying tax – or in many cases who isn’t.

While we were at it we did a major upgrade to the database. The shiny new front-end allows you to search on a company name and see the total they paid in tax for as long as the records exist. The advantage of this approach is you can find companies even if they’ve changed their name over the years (many have made minor changes – for example paying as “X Ltd” in some years and “X Limited” in others). Once you have your company list you can refine it by isolating particular ABNs.

(By the way, if there’s another view of this information you’d like just reach out and let us know.)

It’s all good fun and very interesting. To take a household name at random, AMP shows 9.75% payable on $45,907,900,589 taxable income over the last seven years. Woodside Petroleum managed 10.90% payable on $12,737,060,028 taxable income. And on it goes.

You can also take a look at the totals – which are huge numbers.

Finally, everyone’s favourite question: Who didn’t pay any tax? The Tax Zero gadget gives you the full, and long, list. 782 of our largest companies paid no tax in 2019-20.

To have a deep dive into taxpayers, and other ways government and business are tangled up, take a look at our Business of Government section.

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