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The Summary

Key summary of what we have in once place. The best starting point.

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The Guide

Let our bot walk you through finding what you're after.

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Electorate GPS

Who's the rep for where you're standing right now.

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How closely do two politicians voting patterns align.

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Voting records

What's your pol viting for and against?

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The voting train (Reps)

See who votes most closely to others.

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The voting train (Senate)

See who votes most closely to others.

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A house divided

How did recent votes go. All the details.

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Hey big spender

See who spends most of your money.

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Expense accounts

The detail of where your money is going.


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Compare expenses

Expenses by time and person.

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Graphed expenses

Expenses by category in a... graph.

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Flying visits

They're on the move again.

What was said
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So, they said...

What did your rep say in Parliament.

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Talked about

What was said about your pol in Parliament.

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Visualise Hansard search

See who talks most about a topic

Declared interests
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Party favours

Oh the gifts they get! Make a word cloud of gifts.

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That's interesting

See a pol's register of interests- homes, accounts, shares...

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Donations by donor

Who said they gave how much to who

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Donations by recipient

Who said they got how much from whom

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Group donations

See aggregates - eg all fossil fuel donations

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Donations network

Showing the flows of donations

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Donations explainer

Detailing the problems and our work-arounds

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Bushfiire Grants

Where did the bushfire grants go

Our philosophy

Our political system is badly damaged. A combination of complexity and apathy means people vote for parties who then use their incumbency to solidify their position in power. Opposition parties focus on gaining power rather than having a policy position. 

There is little true debate; and votes follow inevitable party blocks. You may have a perfectly pleasant local member; but as long as they vote the same as the hard edge of their party, their personal views are irrelevant. 

So this site is all about information. Shining some light on what's going on. Giving people tools to understand what their representative is really doing.

While it is driven by a belief that our political system needs to change and our politicians need to be more accountable, Political Gadgets is not aimed at any one party or politician.

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