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Value of contracts given under tneder today by the Federal Government.
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The Summary

Key summary of what we have in once place. The best starting point.

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Electorate GPS

Who's the Federal rep for where you're standing right now.

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How closely do two politicians voting patterns align.

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Voting records

What's your pol voting for and against?

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The voting train (Reps)

See who votes most closely to others.

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The voting train (Senate)

See who votes most closely to others.

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A house divided

How did recent votes go. All the details.

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Hey big spender

See who spends most of your money.

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Expense accounts

The detail of where your money is going.

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Compare expenses

Expenses by time and person.

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Graphed expenses

Expenses by category in a... graph.

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Flying visits

They're on the move again.

What was said
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So, they said...

What did your rep say in Parliament.

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Talked about

What was said about your pol in Parliament

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Visualise Hansard search

See which party and politician talks most about a topic.

Declared interests
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Party favours

Oh the gifts they get! Make a word cloud of gifts.

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That's interesting

See a pol's register of interests- homes, accounts, shares...

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Donations by donor

Who said they gave how much to who

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Donations by recipient

Who said they got how much from whom

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Group donations

See aggregates - eg fossil fuel donations

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Donations network

Showing the flows of donations

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Donations explainer

Talking about the problems and our work-arounds

Government business
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The Lobby

Who lobbies for who. Which lobbyist represents which company. Who are the lobbyists? No one will tell yuou who gets lobbied, but you can draw your own conclusions.

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The Lobbyist Summary

Details on individual lobbying firms. Who is behind the firm, what do they say about themselves. If you know a firm start here, otherwise start with the table.

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Today's contracts given

We all know the Government spends money. Sometiimes it's worth knowing who they spend it on and what for. Take a look at contracts given under tender over the last few days.