Political Gadgets was created by Evan Predavec and a small coalition of talented helpers. The aim is simply to make data about our politicians and government more readily available, comprehensible and shareable.

The data comes from a variety of sources credited on each Gadget. We do make efforts to clean it up (for example dealing with mis-spellings of names) but don't make material changes on the way.

This is all done with the best will and care but you should rely on your own judgement in using the data.

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Our philosophy

Our political system is badly damaged. A combination of complexity and apathy means people vote for parties who then use their incumbency to solidify their position in power. Opposition parties focus on gaining power rather than having a policy position.

There is little true debate; and votes follow inevitable party blocks. You may have a perfectly pleasant local member; but as long as they vote the same as the hard edge of their party, their personal views are irrelevant.

So this site is all about information. Shining some light on what's going on. Giving people tools to understand what their representative is really doing.

While it is driven by a belief that our political system needs to change and our politicians need to be more accountable, Political Gadgets is not aimed at any one party or politician. We'll leave that to you...