Votes like Barnaby Joyce

Do you know how closely your politician votes to Barnaby Joyce? Look no further than the Votes-Like_Joyce-O-Meter!

If you’re interested in climate change – and the gap between rhetoric and action presented by our government – the phrase ‘votes like Barnaby Joyce’ has been cropping up a lot recently. So we decided to make gadget to show exactly what that means.

Judging voting is not a precise science, but even with imprecision it’s possible to get a pretty clear picture of voting alignment. And while our representation of Barnaby getting redder is tongue-in-cheek, the underlying numbers are a good indicator of what’s going on.

So we now have a widget on our front page showing a random politician every ten seconds and we have a gadget allowing you to pick a politician and compare them to Barnaby Joyce. The closer the alignment the redder Barnaby gets.

If you want to include either the random widget or one for a specific politician on your own web page or blog just get in contact and we’ll explain how to do it with one line of code.

In the meantime the widget is on our dashboard, the gadget can be found here – and our range of gadgets on how politicians vote are here.

And by the way, it’s interesting to note how fashion changes. Only a few months ago comparing politicians to Peter Dutton was the way to go…

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