Building Better Regions: all the grants on a map

OK. We now have all the grants mapped.

Only yesterday we published a new gadget with the Building Better Regions Round 5 grants mapped to suburbs. It didn’t take long for people to point out there were issues. It did take a bit longer, and a lot of swearing, to understand just how flawed the data provided by the Government is. One might think even think that they don’t want people to see where the money is going…

Anyway, version 2 of the grants map has all of the grants from the Building Better Regions Fund mapped to the nearest spot we can track down from the available information. Overlays allow you to see which electorate the grant is in. And you can select which round of grants to view if you really want to dig into things.

The eagle-eyed will see a cluster of grants which appear to be in the middle of the Great Australian Bight. They are not. But our algorithm cant find the correct home for them and I refuse to error correct this by hand when the government shouldn’t have made such a mess of this in the first place [insert more swearing here].

Over the next few days we’ll look at adding in some aggregate information. Right now, I think the the Building Better Regions Grants gadget is working as it should be and it is here.

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