Building Better Regions grants – mapped

The Building Better Regions Fund has been widely exposed as pork-barrelling made intro an art-form. So we thought putting the latest grants into a map might be a nice way to show that art in its true colours.

There have been endless articles characterising the BBRF as pork-barrelling. The New Daily has a nice series just for example. The issue is that the grants have a strange tendency to go to coalition seats, or seats the coalition is trying to get.

So our map shows the latest round 5 grants which were released a couple of days ago mapped to the suburbs listed in the grants and overlayed with Federal electorates mapped to the parties. It’s pretty.

Yellow shows Tourism grants, pink is for general infrastructure grants.

This data is published by the government in a web page (we can be thankful it’s not just a PDF). Making it useful was an interesting undertaking and we’ll take a look at adding more like this in the future when we smooth out the process.

In the meantime a map won’t tell you everything but it does provide an interesting view of where the Building Better Regions Fund grants are ending up. Have a play here.

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