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Political donations

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Donations made

Who said they GAVE how much to who. Pick a donor and see who they gave money to. Broken down by year; showing their network; showing how they compare to other donors.

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Donations received

Who said they GOT how much from whom in donations. You might have thought that just looking at who gave to whom would be clear - it is not. So this shows who said they received a donation.

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Donations by Party

Which Party got the money. This gadget provides an overview of donations aggregated to parties. Drill in to find all the details.

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Payments received

Not all payments are donations - there's subscriptions, rent, and more. All this forms part of the interconnected financial web that makes up our political system though. This gadget allows you to research $6 Billion in payments. Jump from here to drill into individual recipients.

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Donations by donor - old version

Who said they gave how much to who

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Donations by recipient - old version

Who said they got how much from whom

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Group donations - old version

See aggregates - eg fossil fuel donations

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Donations network - old version

Showing the flows of donations

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