Search politicians’ Facebook and Google ads

You can now search Federal politicians’ Facebook and Google ads in one place.

Our new gadget pulls spend from the Facebook and Google political transparency reports into one searchable database to give a better overall picture of what our politicians are spending money on on social media.

This comes with some caveats. First this is only advertising money, it doesn’t reflect underlying activity they don’t pay for. Secondly, the Facebook database in particular has some bodgy elements. And, finally, the two businesses track political ads differently. The most material difference is that Google on reports on ads from registered political advertisers – which gives a much more limited view of what’s going on.

All that said, and I hope duly noted, there are some interesting insights available. For example, if you ever wondered what a political party with endlessly deep pockets might do look no further than the social media ad spend by the United Australia Party. Almost $1.5million to date. That makes even Labor’s $880,000 look like under-achieving.

If rather than delving into the detail, you just want to see who the top spenders are then look no further than our table of top spenders. This gadget aggregates the spend on Facebook and Google by name and pulls it into one place. You can then link right into the database to dig in further.

These latest two gadgets are in addition to our range of gadgets on political expenses.

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