This graph shows the current and historical projection for Covid daily cases in Australia.

The forecast is based on a simple model using the higher of (1) the average growth rate of cases for the previous seven days and continuing that for the next 7 and 14 days, or (2) adding individual modelled cases for NSW and Victoria. When one state is growing much faster than others, the growth rate for the total will be higher than the average growth rate.

Pick a date and you will see what the forecast is based on the numbers available today. You will also see what the forecast was based on the numbers 7 days ago and 14 days ago. Ideally the projection based on today's numbers should be better than 7 and 14 days - that would indicate that the measures being taken are bringing down the case numbers.

This is summarised daily in the Australia Covid Projection widget.

The Australia Covid Projection widget is a collaboration between Political Gadgets and Actuarial Eye.

Fundamentally, the spread of Covid is a function of maths. If you don't change the inputs into the equation, the result will not change. So it's important to keep a focus on what the maths says will happen if nothing is changed.

For more on Actuarial Eye's writing about Covid19 see the articles here. For an exploration of vaccination and demographic stats see our other collaboration on Australia Vaccination Stats.

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